Kaylie Sanders, CMT, PAS
Lead Therapist/Owner- Vital Balance


Kaylie is a compassionate healer whose main goal is to share her passion for health with others and to educate her clients on the importance of self-care practices and the body’s ability to both communicate and heal given the appropriate environment.

Kaylie’s varied background in the health and wellness field give her a broad understanding of the client experience.

She holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Exercise Biology and Psychology from UC Davis where she also played intercollegiate soccer.  

Kaylie’s study of the strength and power of the human body and mind continued when she became a posture alignment specialist through the Egoscue University in San Diego, CA. Kaylie was first introduced to Pete Egoscue's revolutionary method of health through motion by her father who avoided back surgery for a herniated disc. By performing a daily routine of gentle, corrective exercises custom designed for his compensated posture, he was able to correct the underlying cause of his herniation, his misalignment. He was empowered to take control of his health and heal himself without the use of drugs or surgery.  Kaylie also got herself out of chronic hip pain and continues to stay pain free with posture exercises. Studying the Egoscue Method allows Kaylie to look at the ‘big picture’ rather than just focus on the symptoms.

Kaylie also has clinical experience working closely with chiropractors as a senior rehab specialist for Sport and Spine Rehab in the Washington, DC area. She is trained in Kinesio-taping and experienced with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. (also known as Gua Sha)

Kaylie's passion for helping and serving others led her to become a massage therapist graduating from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage in 2011.  She now uses her extensive knowledge of the resiliency of the human body to help her clients heal through therapeutic massage and postural re-education.  Her massage sessions aim to calm the nervous system and specifically address areas of dis-ease. 

She strives to help her clients understand their pain and realize their potential to heal themselves naturally. 

Liliana Quiroz

Massage Therapist

_DSC0108 copy.jpg

Liliana is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute, a health and wellness educator and a Reiki Master Healer following the traditional Usui Reiki teachings of Hawayo Takata. Her passion for healing and energy work stems from a deep compassion and desire to help others flourish to their true health potential. She believes that taking care of the mind, body and spirit is fundamental to achieving balance, optimum health and lasting happiness.

During bodywork sessions her aim is to address the physical body and the energetic body to create a thorough and powerful healing experience. Liliana emphasizes deep, focused work that targets specific areas to decrease pain, improve range of motion and release stuck fascia, all the while intentionally creating as relaxing and nurturing a session as possible. 

She also implements a variety of techniques such as, myofascial therapy, cupping, hydrotherapy and more and tailors every session to fit the needs of each individual client. 

When not practicing bodywork she can be found reading, knitting, or hiking the outdoors with her dog Luna.