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Posture Alignment Therapy Testimonials

Week One Posture  vs  Week Eight Posture 

         Week One Posture  vs  Week Eight Posture









         Week One Posture  vs  Week Four Posture









         Week One Posture vs Week Eight Posture

I had been suffering severe shoulder pain in my left shoulder joint for several months. I had also lost a great deal of mobility in the joint as well. For example, I could not reach out with my left hand to close a car door. I could not extend my left arm high enough to snag a parking ticket to a gated parking garage. Finally, I have been a weight lifter for over fifteen years and I could not press a 15 pound dumbbell over my head; not because it was too painful, it was, but the joint would fail and the weight would fall out of my hand. One evening after returning from the gym, the movement in my left arm was so limited that I could not raise my fork to my mouth (I am left handed).

After several months of conservative treatment, my orthopedist strongly recommended a complete shoulder joint replacement. There is considerable OA in the joint. Kaylie had been my masseur for several months and as a posturest, suggested a complete regimen of posture exercises. I did not believe this would work, but I was desperate and went ahead with the treatments.

About two-thirds way through the course, I began to regain range of motion in the joint and the pain subsided. Upon completion, I had regained most of the movement in my arm and the pain was nearly gone. Even my doctor noticed that the movement in my arm seemed freer and more natural. The joint replacement surgery is indefinitely postponed. Back in the gym, I can now press 45 lb. dumbbells with relative ease.
— R.H.
"My experience with Egoscue Posture Therapy has been truly life changing.
    As a former competitive Tae Kwon Do athlete, I have suffered from multiple minor injuries including a knee injury which caused my left knee to turn inwards. I also struggle with the stress from college life such as studying for long hours. Whether it is sitting in front of a laptop writing a paper or bent over writing with pen and paper, the aches and pains from these static positions have quickly become chronic. My right arm and shoulder began to “seize up” and hurt all the time.
I have tried many different therapeutic methods (i.e. physical therapy, chiropractic, massages, yoga) to heal these injuries but none of them made me completely pain free. While my symptoms did go away on a short term basis, they would always come back.
Once I began Posture Therapy, I could actually feel and see my body changing. Around the fourth week, my left knee was straight again. At the same time another “miracle” occurred, I did not need my orthotics anymore. The little aches and pains I had gotten so used to slowly disappeared.
Now, I have finished my eight week intensive and still continue doing Posture Therapy every day because of the enormous benefits it provides. I have access and ability to choose from my different menus (and to create my own menus) according to what I feel my body needs.
I have not been this pain free since I was child! Egoscue Posture Therapy has given me the tools to heal my body for the rest of my life."  -Allison W.
"I came to Kaylie with persistent pain in my right hip and low back. At times this pain would shoot down into my knee and ankle, making my love for running and dance quite painful and discouraging at times. Degenerative hip disease runs in my family, and at age 29, I sought out Posture Alignment Therapy as preventative medicine-and it has been just that! Throughout the initial assessment, Kaylie took great care to both ask me about any traumas to my body, as well as fully analyze my posture with photos and hands-on assessments. After discerning where misalignments in my posture existed and how this was showing up as pain in my body, she created custom menus of exercises that specifically catered to my body. Within the first two weeks of sessions I felt a dramatic decrease in pain, and by the 4 session I was able to run for 20 min on a treadmill without feeling any pain in my body both during and after my runs! Not only has the pain subsided, but I've learned an immense amount about my body, including what I need to ask  my body to do in order to learn new, aligned muscle and posture patterns. And now i have 8 exercise menus to reference an reuse for months or even years to come as i move forward in my healing and as my body shifts with age. 

In addition to all the positive results, in such a relatively short period of time, I'd also recommend Kaylie because of her warm and approachable nature. She always made me feel safe and comfortable in the space, and that any question was welcomed about the process and what she was teaching me. As many of us know, when we tap into the body we inherently tap into emotions and memories stored in the body, and Kaylie did a wonderful job of checking-in with me and creating space for whatever I was feeling to be present in the room. 

I'd highly recommend doing posture alignment therapy with Kaylie, not only because the exercises are fun, empowering, and produce results, but because it will save you so much pain (and who knows, maybe even surgery or medications) in the long run." - Sarah G.
Spinal Fusion. I still remember the terror I felt hearing those words from two highly regarded neurosurgeons.

I knew I had a back condition that had gotten progressively worse in the last few years but never did I think that I was at the point where fusion would be recommended. For 20+ years I’ve been dealing with back pain. Chiropractic care has helped me to manage my condition for all those years until about 4 years ago where I severely wrenched my back. While I was able to recover from that incident, I was never really able to get the constant pain and stiffness out of my back and hip.

An initial consult with an orthopedic surgeon resulted in the suggestion of some physical therapy and to lose weight. I was lax about the physical therapy but not the weight loss. I dropped 45 pounds but still had no real improvement.

When I started getting some tingling and numbness in my toes, I consulted two of the top neurosurgeons in the area and got their recommendation: spinal fusion.

That day I decided fusion was not an option for me at this time and that there had to be something else I could do for my condition (besides dropping the 20 pounds I had put back on because of my lack of exercise due to my pain and stiffness).

By total coincidence I came across Kaylie (Sanders) and the Posture Alignment Therapy program.

Initially I was a bit skeptical about the program but I did have an open mind.

Through the course of the program I was constantly amazed at the results. The constant pain receded; the tingling in my feet subsided; my flexibility and range of motion increased and the improvement in my posture was noticed by everyone.

My back pain and posture have improved so greatly that I am now able to do Crossfit without fear for my back. In fact I am now in the best shape of my life. I am stronger and fitter than even when I was playing college football – I’ve even managed to quit smoking. And it wouldn’t have been possible without Kaylie and PAT.

It seemed a bit silly to me (and still does) that a bunch of exercises and some stretching have so profoundly changed my physical condition for the better but I see and feel the results every day.

I’d also like to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better person than Kaylie to guide me through this transformation. Her genuine concern for my well-being is refreshing and comforting and she made this whole process fun and enjoyable.

Kaylie’s massages were also a crucial component of my transformation and as to her skill as a masseuse I’ll just quote a friend of mine’s reaction after her first massage from Kaylie: “Amazing!”
— Vin F.
I highly recommend Kaylie (Sanders)! I was searching for an alternative approach to health and wellness and stumbled upon Kaylie (Sanders) and Posture Alignment Therapy.

I was suffering from chronic pain and fatigue and was tired of the temporary relief from Advil and Aleve for the aches, pains, soreness, headaches, etc.

I requested an appointment and received a prompt reply. I was very nervous the 1st time I met with Kaylie because I am very uncomfortable admitting physical limitations and articulating the source of pain and discomfort.

Kaylie put me immediately at ease! We talked about my concerns and what my expectations were with the posture alignment therapy and what I expected from her. Kaylie not only explained the exercises she was having me do, she also explained why I was doing them, and did them herself if I was unsure or having difficulty.

After each session I felt a little better. I feel less fatigue after a long day on my feet, less stiffness in the morning after getting out of bed and improved energy throughout the day. Over the 8 sessions I noticed a difference in my posture and how I felt both physically and mentally.

There is still work to be done. This is a life style change and commitment to feeling better for the long term.

I am able to ask questions and express concerns through email and always receive a prompt response. Kaylie is professional, prompt, knowledgeable, and caring! I continue to exercise daily and look forward to my scheduled massage in a few weeks!
— Leslie T.
Psst. Hey. Want your body back? I’m talking about that sense of ease and comfort and confidence in your physical self— the way you felt before that rotten office chair, and your abandoned rugby career, and Manolo Ouchnik turned your gait into a network of compromises.

Kaylie Stein [Sanders]’s posture therapy will change. your. life. The program equips you with a series of workouts that re-solve your musculature and re-integrate your moving parts. I honestly did not know how much chronic back pain I was suffering, until Ms. [Sanders] *banished* it. Yes, you’ll have to help her, but she makes it so easy! Kaylie is very attentive, professional, informative, and encouraging. You’ll understand the exact purpose of each exercise, which (for me, anyway) makes it easier to execute properly.

Advil to acupuncture, tequila to tempurpedic: I’ve chased a bad back and its side effects all the way round. Some of it helps, but none of it WORKS like PAT. It’s at least a quality-of-life improvement, and quite possibly a human rights issue.

Seriously: Do you want to feel better in your body, as though everything’s working right and together? Kaylie Stein [Sanders]. Posture Therapy. That’s it.
— Ian C.
"I've had reoccurring low back pain between periods of pain free, athletic mobility for the last 21 years.

Each time my back "goes out" it can be very painful and debilitating.  I've experimented with various therapies: 

electro stimulation
active release Tx

None of them have been as effective as the treatments I've received from Vital Balance. 

My back pain responded to Kaylie's posture therapy immediately during the first session.  She let me try it first before I committed to it, rather than a massage.  Kaylie followed my progress with internet communication after our initial in person assessment.  Each week, depending on how your body is progressing, Kaylie will prescribe new simple exercises that activate muscles that will help relieve pressure on your nervous system and spinal column.  You'll know whether or not it's right for you at the first session.

Each selection of exercises that I have received can be done at home with minimal equipment (chairs, walls, door frames, strap).  Each selection has built upon the previous treatments. During each one I've felt a few spinal crepiti (cracking) as well as pelvis and sacral crepitus.  I've also noticed the discomfort which began in the lumbar region, move down.  First to the hips then to the knee, becoming less intense with each session. 

Kaylie understands the way our bodies are supposed to work and performs a thorough assessment of what your particular issue is." R.J.