Massage Therapy Testimonials

I had the most amazing deep tissue therapeutic massage with Kaylie (Sanders) at Vital! I broke a vertebrae in my back about 6 months ago and I felt SO much relief after seeing Kaylie. She really took the time to understand my pain points and worked my muscles very deeply (which I needed big time). She also used a gua sha tool to break up all the scar tissue that had formed around my injured vertebrae. She explained the advantages of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) before she got started and it helped hugely. As I said, I hadn’t experienced as much relief in my back until I saw Kaylie. She’s amazing and really takes the time to get to know you and address your specific issue. Very well trained, and highly recommended!
— Geraldine L.
I have received multiple massages from Kaylie (Sanders) and they were great! She is professional and welcoming.

Attention CrossFitters out there, Kaylie is who you want to see if you want to reset and refresh those muscles!

Attention first responders, after one massage from Kaylie my duty belt felt light on my back and hips!

Check out her biography, she’s well educated and it shows!
— K G
Kaylie is absolutely FANTASTIC! I began seeing her for a prenatal massage... and subsequently became a regular for deep tissue treatment after baby. She is not only a very pleasant person who instantly puts you at ease, but also listens well to your preferences in order to customize the massage and make it the best experience possible. She has gotten out countless, stubborn knots, and put my body back in better shape... until the next session.

Unfortunately, I am moving out of the area, and my last massage felt like I was breaking up with someone. Masseuses are hard to find. Kaylie is a gem. Highly, highly recommend her!
— Kathryn Z.
Prior to seeing Kaylie, I had never liked massage and never seen the reason to get one. Then I started doing Crossfit with my best friend, and was so sore. It was also taking me a long time to recover. Then my best friend recommended Kaylie. I was a bit skeptical that massage could loosen my muscles and help them heal, or improve my performance. After my first massage, I could feel the difference. I recovered faster, aches and pains were gone, and I saw progress in how much I could lift. Kaylie has become essential in helping me improve not only my athletic performance, but also my well being. She has given me customized stretches to help prevent injury (which have worked) and always checks in and makes sure i am feeling better after a massage. She is also a wonderful person-calm, attentive, funny, and extremely caring. She literally will change how your body feels and help you heal, even aches and pains that you have had forever.
— Margot H.