What is PAT?

posture alignment therapy

Posture Alignment Therapy is a holistic, corrective exercise program that re-educates the postural muscles of the body in order to return the body to its original blueprint design. As postural muscles become dysfunctional through daily misuse, disuse or injury, the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and essentially all systems of the body become compromised and are subject to pain and compensation and eventual injury.

Your body is a miraculous system that works as a unit and should be treated as such. Most methods only focus on the site of pain and fails to assess the rest of the body to determine the cause of the pain. 

Your alignment is dependent on muscular balance.  All of your joints- ankles, knees, hips and shoulders- are designed to line up both vertically and horizontally (See Function Freddy Model, above).  If there is any deviation from this when you stand or move, some muscles are over-working and others are under-working – you are out of balance.  At some point those muscles will let you know that something is wrong in the only way they can – pain! The body's design and therefore your body, are not weak. You are just misaligned.

The goal of Posture Alignment Therapy is to gently stretch, engage and strengthen the deeper postural muscles to facilitate them to function properly and maintain the correct alignment. With better alignment, your body will be given the chance to fully heal. If the misalignment is not corrected, the faulty movement will continue to damage the tissue.  Drugs and surgeries will only provide temporary relief of SYMPTOMS.  Fixing the alignment issue will permanently allow the body to function correctly, efficiently, and ultimately pain free.

If you experience chronic pain of any type and are ready to take responsibility for your health, please schedule a posture alignment therapy session. Surgery and drugs will only cover up the symptoms rather than address the root cause of the pain. It's time to learn how to fix yourself!

 If you want more details on the method used, please visit Egoscue.com. You can also try the exercises from Pete Egoscue’s book "Pain Free" or simply schedule a FREE posture consultation with Kaylie Sanders. 

What to expect from a PAT session:

  • Work one on one with an experienced Posture Alignment Specialist (PAS) trained by the Egoscue University.
  • The initial session is about 90 minutes and includes health history, posture photos and an analysis and discussion of how the load-bearing joints all align in relation to the line of gravity and how this may lead to your pain.  After gait analysis and functional testing, a custom "menu" of gentle "e-cises" is methodically arranged in a sequence specific to your body's dysfunctions and compensations. 
  • Each "e-cise" is performed with therapist instruction so that you can confidently execute them daily at home.
  • Exercises are emailed to the client and include photos, detailed step-by-step written instructions as well as videos. There is also a Menu Reader App!
  • At each subsequent visit your posture will be reassessed and you will receive a new set of exercises to further improve your balance, range of motion, and flexibility. Results are immediate, but long-term muscle re-education takes time. Every body is different. 

Key principles of PAT:

  • The site of the pain is not the source of the pain.

  • The activities we do are not the cause of our pain. 

  • The body is a unit and must be treated as one.

  • Misaligned posture and habitual movement patterns cause pain.

  • Posture and pain can be improved quickly with daily exercises.

  • Changing you posture is an ongoing process, not a quick fix. Results take time, at least 90 days.  

If you are unable to visit in person, online therapy and Skype sessions are an easy and convenient option. Just ask me!